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Presentation synopsis:

Barriers to engagement and retention in care: A clinician’s perspective 

Although united politically and economically, the European Economic Area still experiences substantial diversity in access to healthcare and its provision. The important addition to this variability are the countries remaining geographically within Europe, but outside the European Union. Whatever factors are responsible, it always results in loss of care, deterioration of individual health and possibly the spread of communicable disease. Many factors may contribute to the way people engage and retain in care and different approaches can be provided to correct gaps in the continuum of care. This talk aims to map these gaps in care, as well as give some examples of possible solutions.

Speaker biography:

Justyna Kowalska, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

Justyna Kowalska is a Professor of Medicine at the Department of Adults Infectious Diseases, Medical University of Warsaw and Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases at the HIV Out-Patient Clinic, Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Warsaw, Poland. She has completed her Ph.D. at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark on long-term effects and toxicity of HIV treatment. During more than twenty years in the field of HIV she carried out numerous scientific projects and contributed to international research activities.

Her main research interests include understanding the impact of HIV infection on both individual and public health with a special focus on women and marginalized populations. She is a member of EACS Governing Board (Eastern Europe), WAVE Scientific Committee and the President of Euroguidelines in Central and Eastern Europe Network Group.


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