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Presentation synopsis:

Monitoring the care continuum: The impact of definitions and methodology on progress

Comparisons of the cascade between countries, over time and between sub-populations are illuminating in understanding the obstacles to universal ART coverage. However, variations in methodology and data sources limit the comparability of data. Accurate and reproducible measurement of the cascade will be necessary to assess progress in regard to stated goals and to successfully develop, implement and evaluate interventions to improve the cascade. As interim goals are reached, relatively smaller changes in ART coverage over time and between subpopulations become more important and methodology becomes increasingly critical.

This presentation will review the ways in which the understanding  and measurement of the cascade has evolved and possible frameworks for future consistency and comparability.

Speaker biography:

Nicholas Medland, University of New South Wales, United Kingdom

Dr Nick Medland is a sexual health and HIV physician, the president of the Australasian Society of HIV, Sexual Health and Viral Hepatitis Medicine and NHMCR research fellow at Kirby Institute UNSW. His area of research is the population coverage of biomedical HIV prevention. He has more than 20 years of experience in HIV medicine and gay men’s health, including as a community GP. For 6 years he worked in senior roles in US Government-funded HIV programs in Vietnam, including as the CDC Care and Treatment Lead. He chairs the ASHM Asia-Pacific COVID-19 response.


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